If you are looking for a drone service provider, who prioritises quality and safety, ACG is your partner. Our team comprises Aeronautical Engineers and Academics with international qualifications, training, experience as well as firm appreciation of drone technology. We guarantee the right solution for your unique requirements!


The prevailing climatic and economic trends make precision agriculture (smart agriculture) a necessity! We offer crop spraying services using advanced autonomous drone systems.


  • High cost efficiency; intelligent control algorithms ensure that only the precise volumes of chemicals are applied.
  • High time efficiency; high navigation speeds ensure coverage rates up to 4.5 Ha per hour per drone.
  • High effectiveness; advanced delivery mechanisms ensure that chemicals penetrate to all parts of the crop. In addition, GPS aided navigation ensures accurate field tracking and coverage.
  • Environmentally friendly; no fuel required, the drones are powered by rechargeable batteries, moreover, chemical overdosing, which affects the environment, is minimal.
  • Guaranteed convenience; fields with wet ground, high crop canopy or uneven terrain can easily be sprayed with equal efficiency.
  • Rapid response; due to high portability, the systems are easy and quick to deploy.

Drone Survey

We provide topographic survey services to produce 3 D models and orthomosaics for your applications in agriculture, mining or general mapping.


Do you require a drone system that is unique to your particular requirements? At ACG, we treat you individually, providing you with the best possible solution, from a pool of either off-the-shelve systems or ACG-customised systems.

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